From underwater skyscrapers to underwater suites, this is all in Dubai.  If you are ever considered to live a life for extreme extravagance then Dubai is the right place for you, in which billionaire lions and tigers keep pets as pets for the riders on Audi, Lamborghini;  Surprised by the experiences.  Go and ski desert is interesting, yes you can go skiing out in Dubai.

Jumeria Beach Hotel Dubai

The hotel Jumeria Beach is situated on the beach.  Tourists can enjoy a total of 3400 square meters (364,000 sq ft) of beach for their use.  Wild Wadi Water Park is next to the hotel.  Waterpark has an unlimited facility for all guests of the hotel. in 1997 the building of the hotel was demolished but the old name was retained because its old name the Dubai Chicago Beach Hotel, it was the name of the public project. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the new name Jumeria Beach Hotel.

Prices:- 450$- 3000$(USD)


Room Facility:-

Excellent location, rooms with beautiful views of Café Paras, along with their beaches.  Rooms are luxuriously furnished.  Comfortable furniture good bathroom, expensive cosmetics, fluffy bathrobe, and slippers  So all the necessary tools are there.  Coffee, tea, kettle, coffee, and capsules with sugar.  No inconvenience did not feel the whole rest.  He left the hotel twice on a tour of the Shang tour.  Personal trips include the presence of an excellent car and guide and went away. There are 600 rooms and suites, 20 beachfront Villas.

Dining Facility

There are 9 restaurants, which provide delicious food. It has a modular dining hall with all variety of foods.

Location:- Jumeria Near Dubai, UAE.

Atlantis Palm Resorts Dubai

Atlantis Palm Resort:- it is a luxurious hotel in Dubai. It is situated on the top of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah Island, with a tree-like design, is known for its charming hotels, luxurious apartment towers and the world’s famous, luxurious restaurants.  On Palm Jumeirah boardwalk, there are food trucks serving snacks like Schwarma.  Also, this place is popular with Dubai’s seafront and boat sailing boat Burj Al Arab Hotel views.  The beach club with spa and infinity pool (the pool that looks like it is sunk in the sea) turns into a nightclub with live DJs in the best nightclub.

Price:- 2700$ (USD)


Room Facility:-

It has various collection of rooms and suites. You can enjoy a wide range of suites, rooms, and Villas. The overview from the room is splendid and natural diversities. There is a total of 1600 rooms, including suites and Villas.

It has some unique suites and villa under the water with the view of the aquarium, which have around 60000 sea animals.

Dining Facility

It has a long list of restaurants, there are 9 restaurants. They provide a quality of test and freshness. You can enjoy there all the cuisine. It has a night club also where anyone can enjoy with a genuine charge.

Location:- Crescent Road, Dubai, UAE.


I am trying to give you some of the information about some best hotels in Dubai. Have a nice trip. Thanks!


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